I will stay in Hong Kong from 7-11. Jun. 2018.

If you are looking for chance to have some special moments with your photo, I will be there for you.

For couples and/ or those who want super-shoots to show others your beauties and charms, now it’s your turn!

Couple photography:You and I vol.2 / Hong Kong

Optional photobook is also available!

2 books complete your sweet memories.

Enjoy something unusual in Hong Kong!

Portrait series:Men in suits vol.3 /Hong Kong
Female portrait/Hong Kong

I can promise that being a photography subject is so much fun…once you experience, you can’t forget it.

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The first time I visited Hong Kong was on my university exchange programme.

On the time of school selection, I wrote “University of Hong Kong” as the 2nd preference on the application form, while my first choice was somewhere in US.

The result of test and interview, I got the chance to go to 2nd choice…Hong Kong.

I wasn’t born with silver spoon in my mouth, so I chose schools with good scholarship without payback.

I didn’t even know where and what Hong Kong was.

They never mentioned any of Hong Kong during the interview too.

Though I was in a daze, I decided to go.

It might be a fate.

On the first few months, I didn’t like Hong Kong at all.

But in the end, I fell in love with it…like unexpected met with somebody special.

Hope we can meet up there and have great moments there!

You can contact me here, or just message me if you are in my friend circle.